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Things To Consider Before You Propose Marriage

Things To Consider Before You Propose Marriage

When you come to the realization that you are with the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, it is an exciting yet nerve-wracking time.  Although, you may be anxious to pop the question, keep in mind that this is a big step for the two of you as you are taking your relationship to the next level. Therefore, it’s important that you carefully plan out the proposal to make it memorable.

Things To Consider Before You Propose Marriage

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How Will You Propose Marriage?

When you decide that you want to commit yourself to someone, of course the first thing that you begin to think about is how you will propose.  While the traditional proposal of getting down on one knee is still appealing to many, the Internet and reality shows offer an array of creative proposal ideas, and your soon-to-be fiancé may be expecting something more.  The most important thing is that you should do something that she will not only appreciate, but will remember for years to come. Some people enjoy the spotlight, and big flashy shows of romance, while others prefer quiet, intimate displays of affection.

Also, keep in mind that some proposals require a big budget while others just need some creative thinking. Remember that this is one of the most important actions you will ever take, and put some time and research into how you plan to execute it.

How Much Will You Spend On The Ring?

There are several different theories about how much someone should spend on the ring.  Some people maintain three month’s salary, while others prefer one to two months’ salary.  Others would say that you should only buy what you can afford with cash.  Consider diamond price appreciation when you are shopping, and look at this purchase as an investment for your future.

What Have Others Said?

You should talk to your parents and her parents regarding your intentions before you begin shopping.  Even if you feel that asking permission is an outdated tradition, you may find that there is a family heirloom that her parents want you to give her.  Also, talk to her friends – chances are good that they know more about her jewelry preferences than you do.  Make sure that you tell them to keep everything a secret so that you can surprise her!

Have fun with the proposal, and don’t get too stressed out over it. While you do want to make a great memory, it is far more important that you focus on building a strong relationship.  The marriage is more important than the wedding, after all.

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