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Three Key Fundamentals for a Healthy Relationship


Whether they’re with parents, children, friends, or significant others, relationships are the core of human interaction. They can make us leap for joy and have us walking on air for days, or put us on the couch by ourselves, eating ice cream for a week.

Whether you’ve been in a happy romantic relationship for years, or you’re still searching for someone to share your life with, it is important to remember some key elements.

Tips for healthy relationship

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Confident & Happy

A lot of women (especially in the younger crowd) believe that a relationship will complete them and bring them happiness.  Certainly, a loving partner can buoy you on your bad days. Even when you’re both miserable, you can support each other.But a relationship can make you just as sad as it makes you happy, and being happy with who YOU are (within or without a relationship) is vital to your well-being.

Finding happiness on your own, and having the utmost confidence in yourself, is critical to being able to truly enjoy any relationship. After all, how is it possible to have a successful, healthy relationship with another person if you, yourself, are unhappy? It is important that you can be happy regardless of your relationship status.


The most important element in any relationship – whether it’s with your mother, brother, or significant other –is the ability to communicate. Being able to express how you are, what you want, and how you feel about everything is the first step to communication. The second step, which may be MORE important, is the ability to listen. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Really try to understand and internalize their words, needs, and wishes. Being able to communicate with your partner creates a bond of friendship and trust, and ensures that you’re partners with each other, not pesky pests.

Friends First

Creating and maintaining a friendship with your partner is a vital foundation of a romantic relationship. Being able to tease and joke with each other provides a basis for everything else. No matter what stage of your relationship you’re in, you should take time to do things you both enjoy together. Step away from the screens and visit new places, do things you’re a little afraid of, and explore the world. Having exciting shared experiences can be critical to a happy, healthy relationship.

So be confident in yourself, communicate effectively, and make sure you’re friends first. It can be a lot at times, but hopefully your relationship – or future relationship – will be a fantastic experience, no matter what the world throws your way.

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