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Turn Online Dating into a Real Life Romance


Whether your relationship has run its course or you have pledged to find love this year, you will be fine in the company of other singles seeking love online. The reality is that in today’s era we live our lives online, so it is perfectly all right if your love life follows that trend too. In fact, as per U.S Census Bureau, United States alone have 102 million singles, out of which, 40 million singles have attempted online dating. So, if you are ready to slot in, follow these simple beginner rules. You never know when an online encounter turns into a real life romance!

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Be authentic

Surprises aren’t that romantic when it comes to online dating. So, don’t camouflage your profile. Don’t upload unreal pictures or lie about your profession, age, or height. Remember that you are online looking for your soul mate, and at some point these lies will come back to haunt you.

Play safe

Not revealing everything about yourself does not mean that you are lying. In the world of online dating, it’s simply protecting yourself. Personal details like telephone numbers, home address, salary bracket, and more should not be shared unless things have gone a little far.

Don’t get there

Avoid writing things like how many times a week do you like to make love, or your love-making tips in your profile. Also, phrases like “I want to taste you” or “you make me wet” should not be a part of your online chat. Let’s just assume that all humans dating online like getting intimate unless indicated otherwise.

When to take it offline

Once you have started dating online, at some point you would want to turn e-courting into something more. While there is no specific time or rule to take it offline, expert says, that after few mails back and forth, if you feel the vibe, it’s time to catch up.

Be patient

Realize that online dating is not for desperate people. Sign up for at-least three months and take it as an opportunity to meet new people. It’s not a strategy to find love. The only difference is that when you date online, you open yourself to accept love in any shape or form.

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