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Valentine’s Day Ideas That Will Help You Strengthen Your Relationship


“Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things.” I cannot agree more with Keanu Reeves words.

And as the day of love is almost upon us, I thought let me share some Valentines Day ideas that are only fun but will help you strengthen your relationship.

Valentines Day Ideas

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Take a Media Break

The best thing you can do for your partner is spend some quality time together. I understand that due to our contemporary lifestyle, it may not be possible every other day, but at least on Valentine’s Day and other such special occasions, make effort to take a media break. Switch off the television, turn off your phone and tablet. Instead of checking your emails, make your love the object of attention. Take some time to hear your partner and resist the temptation to interrupt. Trust me, effective listening is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Show That You Care

“I like not only to be loved, but also to be told I am loved.” Most of us would agree with these words by George Eliot. Take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show your love to your partner. Say it with a customized card, with a love letter, or with flowers. A dozen roses with a love note on each stem is a cute, romantic, and of course an inexpensive way to say, “I Love You”.

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Spice Up Your Sex Life

Strong, healthy sex life is a vital part of relationship satisfaction. If your sex life has become a routine, consider taking a risk and trying something different this Valentine’s Day. It can be anything like creating the right setting with candles and music for you two to be together, giving a sensual massage to one another, or trying new positions. (Hint: Try pheromone perfume to do the trick)

Add an Element of Surprise

According to a research, a small act of kindness makes people happier for longer duration, if it has some uncertainty associated with it. So, for Valentine’s Day add an element of surprise to your gift or celebration. It could be anything a surprise dinner, a romantic getaway, sexy lingerie, or treasure hunt with flowers finally leading up to a wedding ring or a special gift. Whatever you do, make sure to consider your partner’s preferences.

These are some Valentines Day ideas that will help you make your day more beautiful. However, make sure that Valentine’s Day is not the only day when you show your love and gratitude to your partner. Believe me, the other 364 days are what will make your relationship stronger, healthier!

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