Women’s Fashion: What to Wear with Leggings

What to Wear with Leggings

Are you surprised to see leggings hit the runway fashion scene during the last few years? Well, the reality is they didn’t actually die out, but as with many fashion trends, they simply laid low for a while. And now they are back with vengeance and have established themselves as one of fashion’s most prominent trends.

However, while on one side everyone from urban fashionistas to homemaker and business women are seen jumping on this trending bandwagon, there are many who have no clue what to wear with leggings in order to create a stylish, sleek outfit. If you are guilty of the second category, here are some fashionably accepted ways to wear this leg garment.

What to Wear with Leggings

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With a Simple Button Down

This one is our favorite. When it comes to leggings, the simplest yet stylish way is to pair them with a little oversized solid color button down. We recommend, stick to a darker colored legging (black being the obvious choice) and contrast it with a shirt in white or another light tone.

Cooler weather tip: Throw an oversized blazer to complete the look!

With a Long Tunic

A loose fitting tunic is your next best choice for pairing with leggings. The key here is length: if the tunic is too short such as hip length, it will look odd. Remember leggings are not pants, so you should avoid wearing tops with them that you would wear with your favorite pair of denims. The tunic should hit the mid thigh or so.

With a Mini Dress or a Long Tee

If a generic tunic is not your style, try an extra long t-shirt or a mini dress in a colorful pattern (again stick to a solid colored legging here). Leggings worn with this combination is a great styling option for plus size women who have a curvy lower half that makes wearing a mini dress look unflattering.

Styling tip: For workplace, wear mini dress and leggings with a formal or semi-formal blazer thrown on the top. For casual gatherings or weekends finish off with ankle boots, whereas, for a night out wear it with a pair of embellished heels, a cocktail ring and a clutch for a more glamorous look.

In the end, it’s important to note that like with any fashion trend, the key to rock the legging look is to tailor it to your age, body type, and lifestyle. For instance, if you are middle aged, you should not be wearing it the same way as your teenager does. Also, accessorizing will uplift the overall look, so make sure to carefully select the shoes, handbags, jewelry and more.

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